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Our logo represents a gymnast propelling his body into the air, after hitting the springboard and touching the table. This is the most critical step in the Vault. You need to acquire the maximum speed and height in a very short period of time. If you got them, you will be able to perform many flips and twists to achieve the highest score.

In the same way, a SME must address this step with a fast run. Plinton Capital wants to become the springboard of the company through our advice, support and network.


The Phases of a Vault in Gymnastics

Gymnasts perform five distinct phases to every vault:

The Run
The gymnast begins at the end of a runway approximately 82 feet or less from the table. (She may choose the exact distance of the run). She then runs towards the table, building up speed as she goes. When the gymnast is about 3-6 feet from the springboard, she performs a hurdle (a low jump from one foot to two feet) or round-off onto the springboard.
Though this part of the vault is not officially judged, the gymnast should be running as fast as possible in order to build momentum for her vault.

The Pre-Flight
This is the time between when a gymnast hits the springboard and when he makes contact with the table.
Tight form is very important at this stage because a gymnast doesn’t want to lose the power built up from his run. The gymnast’s legs should be together and straight, with toes pointed. His arms should be stretched by his ears.

Contact with the Table
The gymnast touches the table and then pushes off with her hands as forcefully as possible to propel his body into the air.
As with the pre-flight, it’s very important for the gymnast to maintain a tight body position to create as powerful a vault as possible. Think of a pencil versus a wet noodle. The pencil can bounce off the ground on its end, whereas a wet noodle certainly can’t!

The Post-Flight
This is the most exciting part of the vault. The gymnast has pushed off the table and is now in the air, usually performing flips and twists before she lands.

The Landing
The gymnast makes contact with the ground at the completion of the vault.

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