Plinton Capital is focused on a specific set of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) working in the Biotechnology, niche IT or Industrial Sectors which

  • have a solid technical product
  • have IPRs on that product
  • understand their organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • need support to launch a MVP in the Market and be ready to scale it up in a next phase
  • need investment to fund that growth stage and be stronger to deal a bigger round, tipically Serie A or even B

We can compare the life of New Technology Based Firms (NTBF) and R&D performing startups with the Vault competition in gymnastics.

You need maximum speed in the runway, then jump on the springboad, touch the table and propel your body to the air, flipping and twisting figures.

Finally, a gymnast must land properly in the ground.

Our investment and support intends to support the SME in that stage where you come running with some track record and you want to propel your body in to the important stage at the air.

Addressing a big Series A before passing through some growth steps could drastically decrease the ownership stake of promoters.

We invest in companies where not only our money is relevant.

Our Partners are seasoned Business Coaches, Mentors of entrepreneurs or C-level Advisors with expertise in growth. On top of our investment, we can add value through our connections and our expertise. We will introduce you to potential customers or partners with the main objective of helping your growth and so on our Return on Investment. And we may support your management with our Growth Methodology so you can minimize mistakes and accelarate your business.

We do not make aggressive Due Diligences. Before investing, we make collaborative business coaching to understand where the gaps & opportunities are. This does not mean we will not ask you financial data or business forecasts. Sometimes we find great deals behind the data and you can find new chances to succeed.

Let’s make a Team!